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Peter Lyons, "Téoulés Bas", 47320 Bourran, France

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All cheques payable to "P. Lyons" - Balance payable 8 weeks prior to arrival

Booking Form

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Declaration :
I declare that, after booking, I will ensure that I and all members of my party have adequate insurance for all eventualities (including medical and accident emergencies, cancellation, travel delays, etc.). On behalf of myself and my party I understand and accept that neither the property owners nor their employees  or representatives will have any liability in this regard. I undertake to pay 25% deposit now and the balance of the cost of my holiday 8 weeks before my/our arrival date. I am aware that if I wish to cancel more than 8 weeks before my arrival date I will lose my deposit and that, should I cancel less than 8 weeks before my arrival date, I will lose the total cost.  I understand that any cancellation must be made in writing. I understand that non-payment of the balance by the due date will also be taken as a formal notice of cancellation. I understand that my booking have to be cancelled by the property owners for any reason then I will receive a full refund (without deduction) and that the property owners will have no further liability. I undertake to abide by the no-smoking rules relating to 'Teoules Cottage' as published on the web-site. I declare that I have read and understood the owners' Terms & Conditions and confirm that I  agree to abide by them. Please accept my booking as detailed above.

I enclose a cheque for the deposit of £_________   (25% of the total - payable to "P. Lyons")*
I have made payment of the deposit by bank transfer as agreed in our communications*
* delete not applicable

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